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Published by Tina Augustus in Healthy Mind and Body • 6/10/2013 2:50:12 PM
What’s On My Mind and Heart

God has commissioned me to help families who are struggling emotionally, physically and socially. I am asking for help from my family, friends, Facebook friends, and those whom I come in contact with. Please forward this to your friends.

I need your help with purchasing books to be delivered to

1. Shelters for Men and Women;
2. Homes for Battered Women and children; and
3. Christian Schools for their Libraries and Devotion Time

You can go to my website at www.tinaaugustus.com. There you will find my book, "God's Holy Spirit: Maturing Believers for the Building of His kingdom." You can purchase as many as you like. Place in the message section, "Books for Those in Need," and I will make sure your name is on the package. Please know that your personal information will not be given away.

You can also purchase books for your church bible study.

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