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Fasting From Television to Focus on God
Published by By Tina Augustus in Fasting and Prayer • 4/27/2013 1:22:04 PM
Last week, a brother in the Lord and minister at my church “cc’d” me in an email he sent to my son. He placed a PS message at the end that said, “We read the first 3 Chapters of Sister Tina’s book and it was a blessing. Her ability to be transparent and use real life examples will bless many. God wants us not to watch TV this week and read to each other.” [Meaning he and his wife] His comment really blessed me. Later he told me that he shared information about my book on Facebook with friends across the county.

As I looked again at his message, the part about God wanting them to not watch TV and read to each other caught my attention. It made me think about the fact that they were listening to God’s Holy Spirit. They fasted from television to focus on a period of spiritual growth, something godly, like reading my book, “God’s Holy Spirit: Maturing Believers for the Building of His Kingdom.” This book is for Believers and non-believers alike who desire to become mature ambassadors for Christ, answering His call to become better stewards in their lives and over His people.

Many people fast from food, drink, sleep or sex to focus on that time of spiritual growth in God. He and his wife chose television. According to the Daily News, “The average American over the age of 2 spends more than 34 hours a week watching live television, (a new Nielsen report) — plus another three to six hours watching taped programs.” These statistics do no include video games, computers and handheld devices.

Some people fast when they are looking for answered prayers or need deliverance from a controlling spirit. People also fast when they realize they have not been living up to the mark of Christ and need to pull/push away to spend more time seeking the things which concerns God, like becoming mature in Christ. In a recent article, Apostle John Eckhardt, Crusaders Church of Chicago writes, “It is important to drive unbelief from your life. And, one of the ways this is accomplished is through prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting helps us clear obstacles to our faith and faith-filled actions.” (Matthew 13:58 KJV) The more time you spend with God will make you humble and yearn for more of the things of God. It is not for show as Jesus demonstrated in Mark 2:18-20 of The Message Bible.

In my book, “God’s Holy Spirit: Maturing Believers for the Building of His Kingdom,” I mentioned in Chapter 20, “Matured Fruit” that in my personal walk with God, I have found that sitting still in a quiet place and listening for God’s Holy Spirit can help when seeking peace of mind and answers from Him. I received much direction in writing this book just by spending time alone in the presence of God and allowing His Holy Spirit to guide me. Allowing yourself to “be there” with His Holy Spirit can and will reduce stress, anxiety, and anything that is causing a battle in your mind. It is a pleasure spending time with Holy Spirit!

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